Monday, 1 July 2013

Laying Foundations for a Greener Future

How Groundwork can Help with the Rising Population

Preparing for overcrowding the green way

Sometimes we must look at separate problems separately in order to deal with them. One important problem if you like is the rising population. The rising population in itself is not a problem but the demand it create is. These demands include food, water, clothing & houses.

How much space is there?

Space is one of the biggest issues when it comes to housing. One of the most overcrowded countries in the world is china and they currently live in houses a fraction of the size of houses in the UK. On of the most under crowded countries is the USA and are houses in the UK are a fraction the size of theirs. So we are technically have a set limit on how much living space is available but can we increase this living space?

Increasing our Living Space?


Currently in one of my relatives estates their house is being knocked down. They are getting a shiny new one to replace it so they aren't exactly complaining but I am. Why are these perfectly good houses getting knocked down when they are so drastically needed? Because the foundations where not built correctly. Well they where but do not meet current regulations and where deemed potentially dangerous. So we have messed up houses are being knocked down as soon as more are built but just because the previous generation did not have the knowledge or experience does not mean that we don't and we can prepare for the next generation and ensure these houses will stand the test of time.

Applying Good Piling to Buildings


At the heart of all this is the need for good foundations in the new houses being built. These houses need to be able to be there for our kids and our kids kids and the only way we are going to achieve this is by hiring good piling companies. These piling companies will ensure that good piling is laid down and the foundations will last a long long time. With our ever increasing population this is what the focus needs to be on.

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